Influencer Beard Oil

Influencer Beard Oil

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Fall is in the hAir when Tea Tree Oil meets Cinnamon Cassia with hints of Orange for a delightful fall aroma.

tea tree oil, cinnamon cassia oil, and orange oil. Scent of fall in the air.  Helps inflammation, prevents ingrown hairs and can help with depression because of its calming effect. Also helps prevent acne and itchy beard. 

  • Produces a calming effect to uplift your mood and get you out of that funk
  • Helps to prevent Itchy Beard, Acne, and Ingrown Hairs

*Ingredients:  Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cinnamon Cassia Oil, Orange Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Castor Oil

***NOTE*** Citrus oils are photosynthetic so use caution if you have sensitive skin and will be spending the day in the sun.