About Us

At Rockwall Beard Company, we pride ourselves on providing only the best quality beard and facial products on the market today.  

  • All of our Oils, balms, butters, washes, and aftershaves are hand made in small batches to ensure long lasting quality.  
  • We only wear what we sell, so you know it’s good!
  • doTerra therapeutic grade oils used in all of our Beard and facial products. 
  • Shirts and hats are top notch, so you'll want to keep wearing them.  Nothing is worse than getting some sweet looking merchandise only for it to sit in the closet collecting dust.  We got you covered!
  • Combs not only look and smell great, they are durable and functional.  Double sided to make sure you can get all those tangles out and keep that beard and stash looking awesome!  Made of pure green sandalwood so they are practically unbreakable and smell awesome!

The look and message of Rockwall Beard Company is fun!  

  • We strive for fun in everything we do.  
  • We participate in several charitable events throughout the year and give back to our community.  
  • We proudly support our troops, veterans, and first responders by always offering them a discount.
  • We value our customers feedback greatly!  Any advice, criticism, and complements are read by the owner, taken to heart and consideration in how we can continue to evolve and make our products the best they can be for our loyal customers.

You and your beard deserve to be happy!  Slap some awesome on that beard today!  You'll be happy you did!


How and Why Rockwall Beard Company was formed:

Rockwall Beard Company was formed by its owner, Jason Blackford in early 2018 out of necessity to find a career he could work from home to care for his wife.  On July 4, 2017, his wife's bowels ruptured, causing an onset of issues that lead to her staying in the ICU for 9 months.  She came home in April of 2018, however, she was paralyzed from the neck down, and still on a ventilator.  Jason had resigned from his 12-year job as an optimization manager at a call center in January 2018 as he needed to be at his wife side many hours of the day and to take care of their 3 year old daughter.  Through much prayer and consideration, he decided it was time to take everything he had learned about beard products, having made his own for the past 4 years, and spread the love to his fellow bearded brothers.  He knew that products on the market today were inferior and overpriced.  His mission was to provide the highest quality products available on the market at some of the lowest costs to the consumer.  He knew doing this would help to build his business over time by only using the best products.  He used doTerra essential oils for his family and elected to incorporate those into all of his products while using premium grade base oils and products.  

Picture of owner, Jason Blackford, at their first sellers event in downtown Rockwall, TX.  May of 2018.